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The update function updates data in an object store in the indexeddb database. If the primaryKey value doesn't exist yet, the data will get inserted.


  • objectstore:
    • An object store or an object store promise object.
  • data
    • The object you want to store
  • key:
    • The primary key for the object of no keyPath is defined and autoincrement is turned off on the object store.
    • Optional
      • Default: undefined


The function returns a promise object with 2 callbacks
  • Success callback
    • The object is updated successfully
    • The first argument contains the object with the primarykey (if the object store is defined with a keyPath).
    • The second argument contains the primarykey for the object.
    • The third argument contains the transaction.
    • The forth argument contains the original indexeddb event arguments
  • Error callback
    • Retrieving data failed
    • The argument object contains a custom error object.


  • DataError
    • The provided key isn't a valid key or key range.
    • Or an external key is provided while the object store expects a keyPath key
    • Or the provided key isn't a valid key (must be an array, string, date or number).
  • ReadOnlyError
    • You are trying to remove data in a readonly transaction.
  • TransactionInactiveError
    • You are trying to open a cursor outside or on an inactive transaction.
  • DataCloneError
    • The data you are trying to insert could not be cloned. Your data probably contains a function which can not be cloned by default. Try using the serialize method to insert the data.
  • InvalidStateError
    • You are trying to modify data on a removed object store.


var dbpromise = linq2indexedDB.core.db("name", 1);
var transactionPromise = linq2indexedDB.core.transaction(dbpromise, ["objectstore"]);
var objectStorePromise = linq2indexedDB.core.objectStore(transactionPromise, "objectstore");
linq2indexedDB.core.update(objectStorePromise, {}, 1).then(success, error);
function success(args){
   var data = args[0]; 
   var primaryKey= args[1]; 
   var transaction= args[2];
   var orignalevent = args[3];
function error(args){
   var error= args;

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